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Upcoming Shows

May 7, 2014
Elbo Room, SF, CAdetails
July 25, 2014
Monarch, SF, CAdetails
August 15, 2014
The Night Light, Oakland, CAdetails

Past Shows

March 9, 2014
The Make-Out Room, SF, CAdetails
February 22, 2014
Milk Bar, SF, CAdetails
January 28, 2014
Hemlock Tavern, SF, CAdetails
January 23, 2014
Converse Store, SF, CAdetails
October 8, 2013
Save KUSF Benefit, SF, CAdetails
September 12, 2013
Grant & Green Saloon, SF, CAdetails
August 17, 2013
The Stork Club, Oakland, CAdetails
August 8, 2013
International Pop Overthrow Fest, SF, CAdetails
July 14, 2013
The Make-Out Room, SF, CAdetails
June 12, 2013
50 Mason Social House, SF, CAdetails
May 30, 2013
Christie's on The Square, San Ramon, CAdetails
May 29, 2013
The Night Light, Oakland, CAdetails
May 19, 2013
Hotel Utah, San Francisco, CAdetails
May 4, 2013
Sophia's Thai Kitchen, Davis, CAdetails
April 11, 2013
Hotel Utah, San Francisco, CAdetails
April 13, 2013
Love @ First Slice, Newark, CAdetails
March 29, 2013
Red Rock, Mountain View, CAdetails
November 5, 2012
details Brick & Mortar Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
October 20, 2012
Hotel Utah, San Francisco CAdetails
September 15, 2012
Hemlock, San Francisco CAdetails
August 15, 2012
The Lost Church, San Francisco CAdetails
July 1, 2012
The Hotel Utah, San Francisco CAdetails
June 30, 2012
The Partisan, Merced CAdetails
January 28, 2012
The Make-Out Room, San Francisco CAdetails
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Legend has it...

The music of Sea Dramas ranges from hazy folk with pensive melodies to 60’s-inspired, echo-laden pop that melds genres with swirling, dreamlike qualities.

Based in San Francisco, Sea Dramas began as a voyage in audio recording by Scott Pettersen (songwriting, vocals, guitar, banjo, etc). A rotating cast of musicians lent their talents to a substantial collection of demos and through this process a full fledged band has emerged — the potent ensemble of Ted Kamp (drums), Dwayne Anderson (electrical guitar), Marlaina Rae (vocals, keyboard), and John Mulhausen (bass).

Soft Wake, the band’s debut LP, was recorded September 2012 at Different Fur Studios in San Francisco, California with producer Patrick Brown and self-released in February 2013.

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